Clear Air Sports is Australia’s only community that facilitates sporting programs that focus on human connection for the sole purpose of enhancing mental health, wellbeing, camaraderie, physical health and pure enjoyment.

Being outdoors in the clear air doing some form of physical activity has many physical and mental health benefits. Bringing people together with a common interest and creating connections, facilitating mental health discussion andmentoring are the key goals of Clear Air Sports.

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Mental Health Benefits of Physical Activity


The combination of physical output while being in contact with  nature reduces stress and mental exhaustion. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that golf courses tend to offer incredibly beautiful and peaceful settings, too. To get even more scientific, being outside stimulates serotonin production in your body. When sunlight enters your eyes, more serotonin is produced which plays a large role in your mood


The reduction of stress and anxiety go hand in hand when it comes to the mental health benefits of playing golf. As green exercise can reduce stress, it can also lower anxiety. But a long-term reduction of anxiety can have shocking lifelong benefits. Like, a longer life!


The mental benefits of golf also extend to depression. Playing golf won’t eliminate depressive symptoms entirely, but it can drastically decrease their effects. Have you heard of a runner’s high? It stems from the production of endorphins but can be applied to golf, too. Sure it’s not as intense of an activity. But, a few hours of steady athletic activity can reduce the effects of depression.


Golf also provides a great opportunity for developing interpersonal skills, emotional control, and enhancing social connections.

Event based days where attendees can:

– Participate in golf, in a non competitive environment and/or group lesson/golf introduction
– Have a caddy/mentor walk with them in some cases
– Attend a casual pre or post meal, with topical speaker and further networking

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Belonging to a group that meets regularly promotes a sense of support, trust, and commonality, which has been shown to contribute to a sense of well-being and improved long-term health.

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What a Clear Air Sports program will provide you and your staff:

Our dedicated program portal that helps us track where your team’s mental health is

Spice up your team dynamics through a group lunch

Get ready for a wellness journey filled with exciting activities that not only educate but also connect and uplift your team spirit!

Equip your staff with practical take-home solutions that seamlessly integrate into their daily grind

Promote balance and resilience both at work and home

Meet our mental health and wellness expert who’s geared up to empower your team, leaving a lasting, positive imprint on their journey to well-being


For more information, contact:

Ben Leaver
0410 442 839

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